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We now have the ability and knowledge to test your genes and help prevent the development of many major chronic diseases including, but not limited to:

Genetic Wellness in Geneva

Genetic Wellness is an advanced and proactive approach to preventive health care and allows the early intervention and prevention of diseases and symptoms that are caused or precipitated by inherited genetic errors and inflammation in the body due to food sensitivities. The genetic and food sensitivity tests will give you personalized, precise food and nutraceuticals recommendations that will support your genetics and optimize your overall health.

Below is a video overview of Genetic Wellness and Genetic Testing

Below is a 7 minute video that explains how knowledge of an individual's genetics (specifically within the methylation pathway) is the key to unblocking wellness and thus avoid having to treat illness later.

Dr. Burggraf has chosen to pursue genetic testing in his practice because he recognizes the value that this new field holds for all of his patients and all of healthcare. We are entering into a new era of healthcare where each person's unique genetic identity will be coupled with a targeted scientific and natural approach to wellness and prevention. The specialty of Optometry is a key entry point into the healthcare system and is dedicated to the prevention of eye disease and the maintenance of overall general health. We examine cells and tissues in the eye and can see the effects that diseases have on our patient's quality of life. Now we can do more than just the conventional strategy to manage a patient's condition. The abnormalities of genetics that Dr. Burggraf looks for to uncover and treat go beyond the eye and can prevent and help treat other medical conditions. His goal is to help people to feel better and obtain a level of health that sustains itself over a lifetime.

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