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Genetics and Nutrition


Nutritional Genomics is the study of how foods affect gene expression and how individual genetic variation affects the way an individual responds to nutrients in foods. Nutrigenomics uses genetics to determine a person's exact nutrtional requirements and is the core of preventative care to acheive overall wellness.

You cannot change your genes but you can control how your genes get expressed. The principals behind Nutrigenomics include:

  • Common dietary foods have chemicals that can either directly or indirectly alter gene expression and/or structure.
  • Diet can interact with genes and other environmental factors to be a serious risk for developing a number of diseases.
  • The degree to which diet influences the balance between health and disease can depend on an individual's genetic makeup.
  • Some genes that are regulated by dietary chemicals are likely to play a role in preventing chronic diseases, progression of illnesses, and the severity of illnesses in individuals.
  • You can greatly improve your health and wellness by changing certain environental factors to which you expose your body. Nutrition impacts every cell in your body, including the cells in your eyes, and incorporating the right types and amounts of certain bioactives in your diet combined with the right types of exercise can improve your overall health. Genetic Testing focuses on gene variations that may play a role in how your body responds to certain foods and your risk for common diseases.

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